Stallions Currently Activated for the 2017 Breeding Season

The offspring of these AWR registered sporthorse stallions are eligible for registration in the American Warmblood Registry.

Purchasing a current breeding permit automatically assures your stallion a place on our stallion roster.

Mare owners planning to breed to one of these stallions should receive from the stallion owner a copy of  the stallion’s current 2018 Breeding Permit as well as of the WFFS Test Results .

In the light of incidences of Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome WFFS in Warmbloods, we urge mare owners who intend to breed to an untested stallion to have their broodmare WFFS tested to avoid the possibility of a carrier (mare) to carrier (stallion) breeding. We also recommend that the owner of a carrier stallion require from the mare owner to present a negative WFFS test result as a prerequisite for the realization of a breeding contract.

Stallion owners are encouraged to make the WFFS test results for their stallions public, and mare owners should thoroughly enquire before they make a breeding decision.

The WFFS test results are reported as:

N/N No copies of the WFFS mutation present.
Horse is normal
N/WFFS 1 copy of the WFFS mutation is present. Horse is normal but is a carrier. Mutation can be passed on to 50% of offspring.
WFFS/WFFS 2 copies of the WFFS mutation are present.
Horse is affected.

We have seen that several stallion owners have listed their stallions in advertising as ‘approved with AWR‘. Whereas this may be so, a stallion owner also needs to have a valid stallion breeding permit for 2018, and many of those advertised stallions have no renewed breeding permit for the current year. Only the stallions listed below are compliant with all rules and regulations affecting the future eligibility for registration of resulting foals for 2019.

The activated licensed stallions will be listed alphabetically by their registered names once the majority of the annual breeding permits have been renewed. Click on a stallion to obtain detailed information.

Conquistador S

WFFS test result:  N/N


C Waterford

WFFS Test Result: N/N

Sole Mio
WFFS test result:  N/N


Wrise and Shine

WFFS test result:  N/N

Daily Show

WFFS Test Result:  N/N

Galante CR – APPROVED 2018

WFFS test result:  N/N


WFFS Test Result:  N/WFFS


Le Andros

WFFS test result:  N/N


Scion of Aries

WFFS Test Result: N/N




Seacoast Wonderful 

WFFS Test Result:  N/N





WFFS Test Result: N/N
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