AWR is now requiring that all AWR registered breedstock (i.e. mares and stallions) be tested for WFFS.

By day’s date,
the following warmbloods were tested for WFFS (Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome) Type 1
(the list will be amended as more results come in)
Fedora, Ruffian x Fiona N/N
Conquistador S, Contendor x Indio, N/N
Le Andros, Le Santo x Skippin Jackie, N/N
Seacoast Wonderful, Darco x Topcash Girl v’t Beugelhof, N/N
Dressage Royal, Donnerhall x Rosalie, N/N
Waldaire, Waldgott x Aries, N/WFFS
Wizard WF, Waldaire x Abracadabra WF, N/N
WakeUp, Wagnis x Maiden Montreal, N/WFFS
Wrise and Shine, WakeUp x Daquan, N/N
Daily Show, Danciano x Schwedenlady, N/N
Sole Mio, Stanford x SPS Donna-Rafaela, N/N

Results are reported as:

N/N No copies of the WFFS mutation; animal is normal.
N/ WFFS 1 copy of the WFFS mutation; animal is normal but is a carrier. Horse can pass on the mutation to 50% of offspring.
WFFS/WFFS 2 copies of the WFFS mutation; horse is affected.


Thank you for being a responsible warmblood breeder by making the results of all your tested warmbloods public!