Background & Mission

This page explains our philosophy, goals and objectives, followed by the American Warmblood Registry Mission Statement and the AWR Rule Book.


As an organization founded to support and promote the breeding and enjoyment of American Warmblood Sporthorses, the American Warmblood Registry has developed a program of services designed to fulfill their stated goals.

The philosophy, which generated these objectives and their resulting programs and services, is based on both American traditional breeding practices and on the ever-changing role of the modern sporthorse. It also takes into careful consideration the unique challenges and opportunities arising from the expansive geography of North America, as well as the fluctuating business climate to which the American Warmblood Registry must respond on behalf of their members.

The American Warmblood Registry has been charged with several major responsibilities. First, to develop the American Warmblood Sporthorse to the highest possible standard in North America through the careful maintenance of their Registries and Studbooks and their annual Breeding Stock Approvals, and second, to serve their members and member breeders through promotion, marketing service, education and recognition of excellence through special breeding honors and performance awards.

One of the strongest attributes of the American Warmblood Sporthorse breed is that it has been able to grow and change with the times while remaining true to its roots reaching back into its earliest origins. It is the belief of the American Warmblood Registry that this tradition can and will be continued in North America through scientific research and education of the American breeder.

We see as a major role of the American Warmblood Registry our responsibility to provide, through careful selection and grading of breeding stock, a strong foundation for the American Warmblood Sporthorse, which will serve as a standard for the future. This foundation must be based on the very best American bloodstock and developed through careful selection.

It is the position of the American Warmblood Registry that the product of our American breeding program is unique. For this reason, the American Warmblood Registry has chosen a distinct and unique brand to identify these Americanbred Warmblood Sporthorses. Along these lines, it is our strong belief that a positive working relationship with all the members of the WBFSH will be of mutual benefit.

From a financial standpoint, we see a major role for the American Warmblood Registry in promoting a demand in the marketplace for the products of our member’s breeding programs. Of utmost importance, we feel that our non-breeder members who own American Warmbloods for show or pleasure can play a very big role in creating such a demand through their success in sport.

Our sponsorship programs as well as educational clinics and seminars are designed to encourage and assist those owners in placing their American Warmblood Sporthorses in the public eye. In the case of a successful show horse sired by an American Warmblood Registry approved stallion, an important contribution is made both to the American Warmblood Registry, and directly to the stallion owner.

Reta-ConnerIn the overall view, we expect to see an ever-expanding and self-feeding cycle resulting from numerous mutually complimentary programs. Successful breeders will supply trainers with top sport horses, and the successful trainer provides in turn a demand for top breeding programs. Therefore, it is apparent that each member has an important role and an inherent value to the American Warmblood Registry as a whole. The preservation of a productive and satisfying relationship between the American Warmblood Registry, and its individual members is of the utmost importance to us. To this end, the American Warmblood Registry leadership is working to provide open avenues of communication with their members and to assure that such communication always flows in both directions.

In 2005, the AWR has successfully launched a North American Young Breeder’s education program to give those young people who want to become professional sporthorse breeders an advantage, and opportunities to test their skills in open National and International Competition.

American Warmblood Registry Mission Statement

  • To record and preserve the pedigrees of the American Warmblood Registry Sporthorses while maintaining the integrity of the breed.
  • To provide beneficial services for its Members, which enhance and encourage American Warmblood Registry Sporthorse ownership.
  • To develop educational programs, materials, and curriculum that will position American Warmblood Registry as the leading resource organization in the American Sporthorse Breeding Industry.
  • To develop an Awards program to encourage its members to actively show it’s horses as American Warmblood Registry horses.
  • To increase membership in the American Warmblood Registry via marketing, promotion, advertising, and publicity.
  • To achieve greater visibility, the American Warmblood Registry publishes WARMBLOOD NEWS on a monthly basis. In addition, an Annual YEARBOOK is produced and distributed free of charge to its members and the general public.
  • Breed Show sponsorship in place since 1984 with the inception of In-Hand Breed classes at Dressage at Devon in Pennsylvania USA.
  • Licensed Breed Judge Training Program established in 1996.
  • Annual Awards Program established in 2000.
  • Young Breeders Educational Program established in 2005.