Clinics and Seminars

A changing economy changes marketing strategies for the successful breeder. Become better prepared and educated to present your horses and ponies in today’s market!

Over the past 30 years we have seen the need for the AWR and NASPR to better prepare their breeders, to be diligent in preparing for inspection. This preparation allows for better presentation of a more finished product to buyers. Therefore, we are launching an extensive educational program of Sporthorse and Sportpony preparation, presentation and training.

The first step in this effort is the presentation of both young and adult horses and ponies PLUS the appearance of their young and adult handlers!! We envision educating both, adult and young breeders, with emphasis on preparing the young breeders for the WBFSH World Championship for Young Breeders  so that they can become competitive in the international arena.

Our continuing effort is the formalized education of the young horse and pony, which will develop into a final performance test consisting of both, theoretical and practical application in the equestrian fields chosen.

We hope you will take advantage of these important educational opportunities.

Upcoming Seminars


Do you want to participate in or want to organize a


designed to prepare the Young Breeders team for competition, provide a training ground for AWR/NASPR judges, and create a Continuing Education Series for breeders?

Please contact our office for the details.