Judges’ Training Seminars


In order to become accredited as a Licensed Judge of the American Warmblood Registry, prescreened applicants must first attend a Training Seminar. This seminar covers conformation, judging methodology, breed characteristics, history, critique writing, and rules and regulations of the AWR and several sporthorse breed registries in Europe.

Upon passing the oral and written test given at the end of this course, candidates must go on to attend a second seminar the following year. In addition, they must attend AWR inspections and gradings as scribes. The second Advanced Course, also held in Europe, includes field evaluations of hundreds of sporthorse from weanling age through mature breeding stallions and mares. This second phase of the judges training is held in conjunction with official gradings of mares into studbooks and keurings of young stallion candidates into studbooks of a selected breed registry in Europe.

Intensive study of European sporthorse bloodlines as well as knowledge of basic genetics is required. Upon successful completion of this course, candidate judges become Junior Judges and are required to judge, along with a Senior Licensed Judge, before being fully accredited. Any candidate who has not completed every portion of the protocol listed above IS NOT an accredited judge of the American Warmblood Registry.

Please contact AWR headquarters for enrollment information, dates, fee schedules, the cost of travel and special rates on accommodations.